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3DLanguage Spain is a unique Spanish-learning application. The program provides you with a 3D virtual city, where you can interact with the locals and engage in conversations via microphone.

During these dialogues, 3DLanguage Spain offers you information to help you correctly pronounce the Spanish words. The application shows you the sentence in Spanish, an approximate pronunciation in English, and the translation.

This version includes eight characters, each one with multiple conversations including different topics such as: greetings, giving directions, shopping, and weather.

3DLanguage Spain evaluates your pronunciation and lets you check your progress based on the conversations you have with different characters.

For Windows XP or higher. The minimum requirements to launch 3DLanguage Spain are the following: 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 3D graphics card and a microphone.


Trial version only lasts 60 minutes.

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